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Summer Activities For Seniors

Don’t spend the summer stuck inside! Getting outside, meeting new people, talking with friends, enjoying family, and moving around outside the house can be some of the most rewarding experiences of retirement. Even more, getting out of the house in the summer can be good for you!

Inactivity causes more than just boredom. Your mind needs activity and stimulation to function. It needs to get out of the house and see new things, talk to people, and maybe learn.

Remember, retirement is about having fun and with better weather and sunny days, now is the best time to get out of the house.

Here are some ideas for summer fun…

Join a Fitness Class

Yes. You can still exercise, and maybe even outside. Many organizations and fitness clubs provide exercise classes designed just for seniors.

It will be fun to meet new people and to exercise without feeling the pressure of younger people pushing your limits. Try it out! Do a search in your area for fitness groups or classes that are designed for seniors.

Learn Something New, Take a Class

There are plenty of opportunities to learn something new, especially during the summer.

Universities and colleges offer shot one or two week classes in the summer months. Many times, community members can “audit” certain classes without paying a penny! It might be fun to learn something new, contact your local college and ask.

There also might be art centers or community centers in your area that teach painting, pottery, or a number of interesting hobbies that you could take up.

Go To a Sporting Event

Go watch a sporting event! Even if it is just local little league baseball game, you can have some fun watching.

Consider going to a grandchild’s game or even to a professional one with a friend. Remember, if you invest in a mobile medical alert device you can go anywhere and not have to worry about a medical emergency or anything else! Help is always there with the push of a button.

Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

Are there any attractions in town you have never seen?

Maybe there are things that you’ve seen, exhibits, museums, displays, statues, buildings, anything, that you haven’t visited in a while.

Pretend that you are a tourist in your own town or in a neighboring town. Go visit everything someone would want to see if they were only there for a few days. Eat at a restaurant that you’ve never been to, visit an outdoor park that you haven’t seen in a while, do something to stay active and keep your mind busy.

Get Outside!

Summer is beautiful! Get out and do something. Fly a kite in the park, picnic outside, get a family member to go with you, maybe a grandchild or a friend. Pretend you are youthful and enjoy yourself.

Experiencing something new once or twice a week, something out of the ordinary, is a vital part of staying healthy.

Getting some outdoor activity doesn’t help either.

Remember To Stay Safe At Home

Don’t forget to stay safe at home.

An important part of staying safe is being prepared for an emergency, medical or otherwise.

While you are out and about, you might be able to take a cell phone with you to contact help if you need it.

At home, the best option is a medical alert system. Consider the LifeFone Medical Alert system. With an at-home base station and remote emergency help button, you can guarantee that you can contact help 24/7 if an emergency occurs.

About the author

John Clinton

John Clinton is the co-founder of, a review and resources site specializing in medical alert systems.

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