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Numerous Reasons To Age In Place

There are so many reasons seniors want to age in place as they get older.  The thought of leaving everything they know behind to move to another location can be daunting and LifeFone shares a few reasons to age in place.

Home is Where the Heart is

As you enter the golden years, choices need to be made to keep you living independently.  If you’re unable to care for yourself 24/7, there are numerous options from assisted living to in-home care.  Many people simply want to stay at home and that is indeed an option when you plan for it.  You might consider an in-home aide and a medical alert device to provide safety around the home in the case of an emergency.

You may find that there are other solutions to fit your needs but no matter what, if home is where you’d like to be, there are alternatives to consider.


Depending on one’s level of mobility, being at home offers a lot of time, space and flexibility to do as you wish. Turn up the music and move. Go for an energetic stroll in the early morn. Invite friends over and host dinner parties.  Transform that old room into an exercise room. Having the freedom to do what your heart desires is a  benefit of staying in your own home.

The Housing Market

Not all communities are alike. Some areas of the country are seeing an improvement in real estate sales while others are still stumbling along.  Selling your home to move into an assisted living at this time might not be the most advantageous plan.  Waiting a few more years to move could mean the difference of thousands of dollars which could affect the rest of your life including the care you receive. By maintaining your home and continuing to live it you build equity and are essentially making money every week! Of course, this is not an option for everyone but it’s another reason why aging in place makes sense for some seniors.

Familiarity & Peace

Ultimately, staying in your home allows you the peace and mind of knowing exactly where everything is and how to use it.  Being in a place you are familiar with provides a sense of peace and comfort that you can’t replace.   It also gives you freedom to do what you want, how you want, when you want it!

If you can’t continue to age in place, don’t fret! Many new memories are formed as we change aspects of our lives. Keeping a positive attitude goes a long way regardless of where you spend your golden years!

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