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  • Our call centers are US-based and fully redundant.
  • English and Spanish speaking care agents.
  • Calls answered in 15 seconds on average
  • Coverage available nationwide

LifeFone gave my father the greatest sense of security as he dealt with health issues but lived next door to me, his daughter, and he kept his independence in his own home…. The response was always immediate and thorough- even when they couldn’t hear him answer, help was dispatched and he knew it. And I would get a call right after to notify me that my dad was needing help.


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Since 1976, LifeFone has been helping people to
live active, independent lives on their terms. As
a trusted resource, physicians, hospitals, and
other healthcare providers nationwide
recommend LifeFone to their patients.


Personalized Emergency
Care Instructions

Subscribers and their family members can
customize our response to fit their specific needs.
Your LifeFone care agent will help you design the
right plan for you. As your needs change,
so will your Emergency Care Instructions.


Peace of Mind

National Fire Protection Association

Saved my life more than once!
Respond quickly & EMS arrives fast. Phone personnel are always courteous!

– Vicki

National Fire Protection Association

LifeFone has twice proven it’s value…
Their call center staff are top notch professional.

– LBF Guardian Caregiver

National Fire Protection Association

LifeFone has been great for my mom…
I feel like we have really been in good hands with LifeFone and I’d highly recommend the service.

– Hutch P.