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Caregiver Mobile App

LifeFone’s VIPx® Caregiver Mobile App works in tandem with the VIPx® to offer increased peace of mind for subscribers and their loved ones. The VIPx® Caregiver Mobile App enhances the experience with the VIPx® device by offering helpful information at a glance for caregivers. Cost is an additional $8 per month.

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Mobile App Features

View the Current Location

Locate the device on demand

View Button Press History

Receive app notifications for
button presses and more

Track Steps for Today

Set a daily step goal & view
7-Day step history

Check First Motion of the Day

Set a target first motion time &
view 7-Day history

Check Device Battery Level

Receive app notifications for low
battery & power off

Manually Ring the Device

Help find misplaced units

Lifefone VIPx® Caregiver App
  • Caregiver App - Map View
  • Caregiver App - Steps View
  • Caregiver App - First Motion View
  • Caregiver App - Settings View
  • Caregiver App - Settings View
  • Caregiver App - Map View