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At-Home & On-the-Go Safe Watch Active®


At-Home & On-the-Go Safe Watch Active®


Plans starting as low as $45.95 / mo

on annual plan.

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  • Works Nationwide — Uses AT&T LTE cellular service in your area (it works with LifeFone’s cellular service, not yours).
  • Water Resistant — You can wear it in the rain or the shower for continued monitoring and protection.
  • Optional Fall Detection — Available with fall detection for only an additional $5/month.
  • Advanced Location Technology — Identifies your location with Cellular, WiFi & GPS technology.
  • Personalized Emergency Care Plan — Phone, email, and text notifications included.
  • All Day Battery Life — Best in class configuration for check-in and monitoring allows for up to 24 hours of battery life.
  • Device Finder — If your Safe Watch Active® is misplaced or lost, our Customer Care team can ring the device and use GPS location technology to help locate it.
  • Optional Location Service — Approved caregivers can locate their loved one using a simple text message.
  • Safe Watch Active® Features — Get Emergency Help, Monitor Heart Rate, Track Steps, View Daily Weather, Low Battery Warning, Optional Fall Detection, Vibration Feedback.
  • Clear Two Way Voice Communications — The powerful speaker and microphone makes it easy to hear and be heard by your LifeFone Care Team Operator.

30-day Money Back Guarantee

Fall Detection

Optional Fall Detection

Fall Detection is a great failsafe option and an added level of protection for your Medical Alert Device. While you should always push your button in an emergency, your fall will be automatically detected by your Safe Watch Active® and an alarm will be sent to the Emergency Response Center.

  • Cost is an additional $5/month
  • Works anywhere you go in the U.S. provided there is AT&T cellular service in your area.

When fall detection is added to your account, battery life may be reduced.
Since no fall detection system detects 100% of falls, if able, subscribers should press their help button in any emergency.

Safe Watch Active® Features

The LifeFone Safe Watch Active® is a GPS-based alternative to a traditional medical alert device that enables you to maintain your active lifestyle.

The large face and high-resolution display allows you to confidently engage in activities while providing valuable tools and fast, reliable assistance in the event of an emergency.

Get Emergency Help

Monitor Heart Rate

Track Steps

View Daily Weather

Low Battery Warning

Optional Fall Detection

Summon Help

1. Summon Help

Press the personal help button on your Safe Watch Active. A signal is sent to LifeFone’s US-based call center.

Immediate Assistance

2. Immediate Assistance

Your personal Emergency Care Instructions are displayed to the LifeFone Care Agent, who determines the nature of your emergency and summons the help you need. LifeFone will stay on the phone or in contact with you until help arrives.

Help is On The Way

3. Help is On The Way

Whether it’s medical, fire, police, or a loved one, LifeFone dispatches local responders according to your situation and personal preferences. We notify your designated family, friends and physicians following your Emergency Care Instructions.

Call: 1-800-331-9198 to order today!

Nationwide Cellular Coverage
ATT Coverage Map

Works with our cell phone service, not yours. In fact, you don’t need any type of phone service in your home to have this nationwide emergency response service protection available 24/7. Uses AT&T’s Nationwide cellular service.

ATT Coverage Map
Consumer Friendly Policies

LifeFone Consumer Friendly Policies

  • No Activation Fees or Equipment Fees
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Subscriber Price & Equipment Guarantee
  • Just $5 More Per Month to Add Automatic Fall Detection
  • Cancel At Any Time & Pay Only For The Time You’ve Used
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At-Home & On-the-Go Accessories

Wall Mount Master Lock Box
Wall Mount Master Lock Box

The Master Wall Mount Lock Box safely stores
your house keys to allow family, emergency
contacts and EMTs quick access into your
home in the event of an emergency, helping to ensure
you receive the immediate help you need.

LifeFone Hanging Lock Box
LifeFone Hanging Lock Box

Designed to fit securely around the doorknob
on your entry door. With the secret
combination the house key can be retrieved
from inside the key safe lock box in an
emergency without breaking into your home.

Lifefone Protection Plan
Protection Plan

The LifeFone Protection Plan provides you expedited
equipment repair and replacement for only $5 per
month, giving you additional peace of mind. While you
are enrolled in this plan we will replace 1 base unit and
2 help buttons during any 12 month period.

For less than a dollar a day, you can have
24-hour protection

Call: 1-800-331-9198
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At-Home & On-the-Go Safe Watch Active®
With Optional Fall Detection
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For less than a dollar a day,
you can have
24-hour protection.