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How It Works

Summon Help

Press your help button and a signal is sent to the LifeFone monitoring station. Your LifeFone Care Agent will dispatch help based on the personalized care instructions you provided.

LifeFone’s On-The-Go service has Advanced Location Technology which identifies your location with Cellular, WiFi & GPS Technology.

When Fall Detection Service is added to any LifeFone system, you will be connected to the LifeFone monitoring station when the system detects a fall. Since no fall detection system detects 100% of falls, if able, subscribers should press their help button in any emergency.

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Immediate Assistance

Your personal Emergency Care Instructions aredisplayed to the LifeFone Care Agent, who summonshelp for you. As a subscriber, your personalized instructions indicate how we should handleemergencies, who we are to notify and more.LifeFone also offers phone and text notifications to your loved ones.

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Help Comes to You

LifeFone dispatches your local EMS or a loved one,depending on your situation and personal preferences.We notify your designated family, friends and physiciansaccording to your Emergency Care Instructions.

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LifeFone’s professional Emergency Care Agents are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year — reducing concerns about personal safety and helping to ensure early intervention and allow seniors to remain independent in their own homes. We provide caring service, security, and peace of mind to seniors, their families and caregivers throughout the United States.

Using the latest in Personal Medical Alert and information technology, along with a personalized response, the LifeFone medical alert service has provided the best outcomes in emergency situations for you since 1976. As a result, the LifeFone medical alert has earned the recommendation of hospitals, area agencies on aging, home health care providers, and geriatric care managers as an integral part of a customer’s overall care program.

As soon as the personal medical alarm button is pressed, you are connected to caring and compassionate, trained Emergency Care Agents based in the U.S. Faster response times help to ensure the safest and best possible treatment for a fall, medical emergency or other safety concern. Our Care Agents review each emergency care plan to ensure we follow your wishes. Whether you need immediate medical help or just some assistance from a neighbor, LifeFone is there when you need it.

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