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Resources For Caregivers

In many instances, taking on the role of caregiver is something that most individuals aren’t prepared for and when it happens it is often in times of crisis. When you find yourself thrust into the role of caregiver whether it’s for an aging or ill parent or spouse, it’s ideal to have access to resources to help you though.

Here are five groups that are available to provide assistance and access to resources in your area of the country:

  1. Agencies on Aging: this is a resource that is available across the country that provides individuals with community-based information and provides referrals to local eldercare services. By accessing this resource, caregivers can find information on in-home health care providers, meals on wheel programs, adult day cares, options for legal advice and transportation services. Much of the information and many of the referrals are offered free of charge. You can go to the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging website or you can call: (800) 677-1116.
  2. Meals on Wheels Association of America is ideal for caregivers who need to make certain their aging loved ones are eating healthy meals. This low cost service delivers meals right to the doorstep and is staffed by the “largest army of volunteers” in America. You can find out more about them here: meal-finder tool.
  3. If you’re caring for a spouse, the Well Spouse Association could be an invaluable resource. There is an online forum that provides support and advice around the clock. You can learn about them here: Well Spouse Association.
  4. Link up with an association that understands the demands of a disease-based illness. Talking with a support group or dealing with an association that provides in-depth insight into care and treatment will provide much needed insight. Many of these associations can also connect you with others who are in the same situation – in your local area. The largest of these resource groups can be found here:
  • The Caring.com website is one that has been found to be most-frequently-visited by caregivers looking for information on caring for an aging relative. This site can offer both emotional and practical support for all aspects of aging and can provide information on dementia, the financial and legal concerns the elderly and their families face and information on home-care and stress-relief information for caregivers as well.

While there may be location-specific services you can access, this list is a great stepping off point when you’re faced with being a caregiver and simply don’t know where to turn.


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