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Travel Safety Tips For Women

No longer is business travel the realm of men. Women are traveling just as much as men to conduct business both in the United States and abroad.

There are travel safety tips that women should be aware of when they’re heading away from their homes and here are a few:

  1. Understand the culture where you’re going. This could be as drastic as going from one country to another or simply traveling from the North to the South or vice versa. Each area of the country brings with it its own customs and cultures and it makes sense to read up on the area where your business trip will take you so you don’t inadvertently offend someone.
  2. Don’t get into a car with a stranger. What this means, is to get into a taxi from a taxi stand, if possible. If you’re staying in a hotel or arriving at an airport, rely on the locals who work there to direct you to a registered taxi.
  3. Don’t explore areas you aren’t familiar with after night fall. If you have to be out, try to stay with a group and don’t wander off on your own.
  4. Don’t announce to strangers what your daily plans are. If you’re on the phone with a business colleague or family member you don’t know who might be listening so don’t share your plans in public locations. Additionally, don’t publish your travel plans on social media sites. It’s an invitation for a break-in.
  5. Many phones are equipped with GPS tracking, but they usually only work if you activate it. Consider carrying a personal safety device with a GPS locator. LifeFone’s At-Home and On the Go Emergency Response GPS Service works 24/7 both in your home and anywhere you go in the U.S., provided there is AT&T 3G cellular service.

When you’re traveling it’s best to act self-assured and if you find yourself in a situation in which you feel uncomfortable, get out of it, don’t draw attention to yourself and look for a uniformed officer for assistance. You can sometimes diffuse a situation simply by removing yourself from it and walking into a well-lit, well-populated area.

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