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Make Independent Living Safer

Most seniors would prefer to live our their lives, as they age, in the comfort of their own home. Although this may seem like a no brainer to many, the fear of a loved one falling or having a medical emergency when no one is around can be a frightening feeling! Independence is a great thing but as our loved ones age, their ability to continue the lifestyle they have enjoyed throughout their life changes. Many times, the things they are used to doing in everyday life because too difficult or dangerous to do on their own. These could be tasks as simple as cleaning the house, making dinner and even showering or bathing.

One way to ensure the safety of your loved one as they age in their home is to provide them with a medical alert device. This is a simple button that typically comes either as a necklace or bracelet and can summon emergency help when it is needed the most. According to the executive-in-residence at George Mason University, falls are the number one cause of death due to injury in people over the age of 75. He also states that falls are the number one cause of hospitalization for that same age group.

Because so many seniors fall each year, having a medical alert device is crucial to providing the emergency care they may need in a timely manner. Beyond the typical medical alert device, a fall detection device is also great for those who are losing their ability to safely walk and navigate around their home. If your loved one is still active in their life and frequently leaves their home, an on-the-go GPS device might be the right choice as it gives them more freedom and flexibility while still covering them in a emergency situation.

If you or a loved one has any questions about what system is right for them, comparing the products that LifeFone provides can help make sense about which will best suit your loved ones needs. Also by taking advantage of paying in a quarterly or yearly manner, you can save money over time. Remember, if for any reason they need to cancel their LifeFone protection, a refund for any unused portion of their prepaid amounts will be refunded once the equipment is returned and received.

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