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The Importance Of Home Medical Alert Devices

Aging brings with it many challenges and items that need to be taken into consideration. One of those items is how to keep your parents safe in their home as they age.

Statistics show that one in every three adults over the age of 65 will suffer a fall; these falls can lead to broken bones and can lead to more serious medical issues.

The need to equip your aging relatives home with a medical alert device and to stress the importance of them wearing the medical alert pendant cannot be stressed enough. When you consider that at the mere push of a button, emergency medical personnel can be dispatched to provide medical assistance to your loved one, it is a peace of mind device beyond compare.

A medical alert device can protect your elderly relatives for those times when you can’t be there. In addition to help being dispatched to care for your relative, a phone call or text can be sent to family members so you can respond either to the home or to a medical facility so you can be by their side.

Medical alert devices don’t need to be thought of as only for use by a frail individual; they are a perfect preventative health care measure for anyone who lives alone, is prone to falling or who is dealing with other health or medical issues. Medical alert devices are also useful for senior adults that are active and who may be working out in the yard as they provide them peace of mind and allow them to remain active without fear of being unable to summon help.

The device, when a button is pushed, sends a “distress” signal to the home monitoring base which then activates an alert to the medical alert provider who then dispatches help to your aging loved one. If you have an aging set of parents and you simply can’t be there to take care of them and watch over them 24/7 these devices keep them safe and offer peace of mind to all parties. Consider giving a home medical alert device as a thoughtful gift for a birthday or holiday.

Having a medical alert device provides your aging relative the freedom of being able to remain safely in the family home for many more years.

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