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How To Discuss A Potential Move With The Senior In Your Life

Moving is stressful regardless of age, but when the senior in your life is considering a move whether it’s due to a lifestyle change, health or retirement, it’s crucial that the lines of communication are always open.

Whether your aging relative decides to make the move on his or her own, there is several factors may precipitate the move, such as:

  • Are they moving closer or farther away from family members?
  • Do they have to move because of health issues?
  • Was the move prompted by them or by other family members?
  • Will they have easy access to grocery stores, senior centers and their physicians?
  • Is the weather prompting their desire to move? Are they seeking a warmer climate?

If, as a caregiver you are concerned with your aging parents’ ability to live alone, there are a few items you will want to discuss with them if you believe they need to relocate.

  • If healthcare issues prompt moving, make certain their current, or another qualified physician is in close proximity. In many cases, health is a primary reason for a move. Moving closer to friends, family and caregivers that can provide assistance to elderly relatives can relieve stress.
  • Look for a retirement community that provides a wide range of options including independent living or assisted living when the need arises. This type of living situation is ideal for those who don’t want to make more than one move.
  • Community services and access to recreational activities should be part of the research undertaken when your aging parents are moving. Having access to a senior network will help your relatives stay active and involved and that leads to increased satisfaction in their lives.

Another difficult part of moving for seniors is the idea of not only giving up the family home but having to downsize their personal possessions. Make the transition easier by sorting through and dividing up the possession between family members according to their wishes. Keeping belongings in the family can sometimes make it easier to part with things knowing that one of their family members will own the antique silver tea set that had been in the family for decades.

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