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Reduce The Risk Of Falling Outside

Whether you are walking around the park to stay active, or just heading into the store, falls can happen outdoors.  In a public place there are many steps you can take to reduce the risk of falling.


When walking for exercise, consider going to a place that is well-maintained such as the mall or a track at a local high school.  Wear shoes with firm soles and low heels.  Also, make sure you wear sturdy shoes when exercising.

Be aware of when you walk, and also where you are walking.  In the evenings, walk where there is plenty of light to help you see where your feet are heading.  If you’ve chosen a path, pay attention to any tree roots, fallen limbs, or even fallen leaves that may be slippery. Watch for sidewalk cracks, holes, and changes in the sidewalk levels. After a storm, take extra caution as your walking path may be rather slippery.  It’s important to also have on the correct eyewear when walking.  Bifocals or reading glasses make it harder to see hazards on the ground.  Wear sunglasses on bright days to reduce glare.

At LifeFone we want you to go out and walk, yet we want to make sure you are prepared and aware of things you can do to reduce the risk of falling.  Be sure to speak to us about how your medical alert system will work for you when you are on the go.

When you travel or are out running errands, hold onto hand rails and move slowly when climbing outdoor stairs.  Use caution in parking lots and parking garages.  Often our eyes take time to adjust when we are in structures, so it’s important to be more aware of curbs and changes in elevation. When using public transportation, such as buses and trains, use handrails whenever possible. Always take your time.  Hurrying in any situation increases your risk of falling.

Keeping up a regular exercise routine will also help reduce the risk of falling.  Try some yoga, or other passive exercises that will help with balance and coordination.

Have your eyes check regularly.  As noted, eye wear when walking is important, making sure your glasses are at the right prescription is of utmost importance also.

By paying attention to these simple steps to reduce the risk of falling away from home, you can go out with confidence.

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