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National Ice Cream Day 2019

Yes, there is such a thing! On Sunday, July 21st, the nation can celebrate National Ice Cream Day 2019. President Reagan designated the month of July for National Ice Cream Month, with an emphasis on the third Sunday, being the ‘big day’.

With the heat wave that is engulfing the nation, what better way to stay cool than eating foods that are lighter, and well, cooler? 

Always consider your fluid intake first. Ensuring you are properly hydrated is the first step to staying cool in the excessive heat. Higher temperatures coupled with the humidity increases the speed of evaporation from the skin, and as a result, we sweat more, therefore our bodies require more fluid. Now, by fluid we aren’t referring to sodas, alcoholic beverages and the like.  We mean water, along with fruits and vegetables that have a high concentration of water. Foods like:

Watermelon – Watermelon is the juiciest of fruits, and one of the most colorful. We think sucking on a wedge of watermelon is even more refreshing than a cold can of soda, and with a 92% water content it’s a tasty way to rehydrate, too. Cut it up and serve it with cheese cubes for a simple salad, and to ensure you are getting a good protein. Your muscles require the protein to stay healthy.

National Ice Cream Day

Salads – Nice, cold salads are a great choice. Pile them with fruits like apples, strawberries or blueberries, not only does this bring color to your plate, but adds a rich mix of antioxidants. Pile it full of walnuts, almonds or some cold chicken, and you have a perfect blend of nutrients for your body.

Ice Cream – Of course, don’t neglect the ice cream. July and National Ice Cream day wouldn’t be complete without a nice dip or two from your favorite ice cream store. If you cannot handle the dairy, a nice sorbet or sherbet, or ice cream made from almond or coconut milk can make the perfect treat.

Just remember, as the days heat up, stay hydrated, eat cold, refreshing foods, stay indoors, or in the shade, and you’ll be able to beat the heat.

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