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Two leading personal response technology leaders join to make industry award winning personal security smartphone app available to consumers anywhere, anytime for pennies a day.


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July, 2015 Boca Raton, FL—Feeling safer and more secure away from home just got easier with the introduction of LifeFone’s mobile personal security or mPERS app, powered by SmartTek Systems. The “personal On Star-like” system is now available to any consumer with a smartphone, anywhere there is cell service. With one touch of a button on a smartphone, an individual, a family, a loved one away at college or employees can feel protected with GPS tracking and/or immediate access to LifeFone’s call center professionals, who can even provide “concierge” security service should one feel threatened and want to be accompanied until feeling safe.

View our video to learn more about the LifeFone Mobile Apps.

“LifeFone provides peace of mind and personal security with the push of a button, both at home and on-the-go for pennies a day. Our location tracking is often more accurate than 911. You don’t need to wear or carry an extra device to get help. You can protect yourself, your family and your employees anywhere in the U.S., anytime, using your smartphone,” said LifeFone President Ron Maggio. We like to say that LifeFone’s service is not only affordable, it’s priceless!

“Most of us understand how important it is to protect our property. Protecting ourselves and our loved ones is even more important, so having a way to reach a professional central station operator whenever you feel it necessary truly provides peace of mind,” said Barry Schweiger, co-founder of SmartTek Systems. “This technology goes way beyond a simple call to 911 for three reasons:

  1. You don’t have to speak to get help when you press your button.
  2. Your call center immediately accesses the profile you’ve provided when you press your panic button for help. They know who you are and what vital medical and person information they need to relay to first responders.
  3. The ability to locate you is often more precise than 911.

Industry leaders SmartTek Systems and medical alert provider LifeFone are bringing the same type of security millions have in their homes right to their phones with the introduction of LifeFone Mobile Alert™ and LifeFone Family Guard™, both Powered by SmartTek Systems. The systems work via an app that is downloaded from the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store and costs just pennies a day. To get started, visit LifeFone Apps or call 1-800-882-2280.

SmartTek Systems has been developing its product for more than a year and recently introduced it to the security industry to much fanfare. Industry leader Security Sales & Integration Magazine has recognized SmartTek Systems and its mPERS Mobile Personal Security App as a 2015 MVP, Most Valuable Product, at its annual SSI SAMMY Awards reception held in Las Vegas. In its judging criteria for the SSI MVP Awards, the publication recognized SmartTek Systems’ mPERS for its, “innovation, functionality, competitive advantages and benefits to the end user.”

The SmartTek trio of apps is being adapted by industry leaders such as LifeFone. Originally comprised of SmartAlert (a panic, safety, and mobile personal emergency response system [mPERS] with nationwide coverage, designed to preserve the users personal privacy), SmartGuard (designed to give families peace-of-mind by providing optional location information about family members), and SmartTrack (a powerful fleet-tracking and mobile productivity solution for small businesses), the apps will be re-branded and adapted by LifeFone and others adopting the technology.

About SmartTek Systems, Inc.

SmartTek Systems is dedicated to delivering innovative products and services to the security industry that are designed to increase dealers’ monthly recurring revenue and maximize customer retention rates.

The SmartTek Systems management team has deep roots in the security industry with decades of experience in the field. They have proven track records in security products design, manufacturing and marketing wireless and video products as well as central station and alarm company operations. SmartTek Systems works with leading dealers and central stations around the country and across the globe.

For a complete list of partners and additional information, visit, email [email protected] or call 844-762-7801 x 201.

About LifeFone

LifeFone provides medical alert systems to allow independence, security and fast response at the press of a panic button. Since 1976, LifeFone has been an innovator in providing security and peace of mind to thousands of people throughout the United States. Utilizing the latest information technology and our continued commitment to “personal” response, LifeFone is in the forefront of the healthcare communications industry.

LifeFone gives individuals immediate access to caring, compassionate help 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Subscribers can directly contact our specially trained Emergency Care Specialists with the simple push of a button. And LifeFone helps to maintain their subscribers’ independence and overall quality of life by helping to ensure early intervention in emergency situations.

As a leading provider of Medical Alert Systems, LifeFone has been rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and has been recognized by WebMD, The National Stroke Association (NSA), Consumers Digest, and other highly regarded organizations.

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