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Medical Alert Systems Reviews

There have been hundreds of medical alert systems reviews posted on the Internet and published in magazines, and they all use various criteria to rate the quality of medical alert systems. The reviews often have several things in common that they all look for, including the quality of the monitoring center, the cost of service, the length of a service contract, and the quality of the equipment used. At LifeFone, we are in the top ranks for all of these criteria, making us a leader in the medical alarms industry.

Not All Medical Alarms Are Created Equal

In most medical alert systems reviews, they feel the quality of the monitoring center is crucial to the success of the system. LifeFone has one of the most comprehensive monitoring centers available, fully staffed with properly trained emergency response specialists. Any time a medical alert is activated, one of our specialists springs into action, contacting the proper authorities and emergency personnel, getting in touch with family, and staying on the line with your loved one until help arrives. Not all medical alert systems actually have a monitoring center staffed with live help twenty-four hours a day; some systems just automatically dial emergency services. LifeFone doesn’t think this is acceptable; we will always stay on the line and talk to the person in need until help arrives, reassuring them that they are not alone. It’s the number one reason we consistently rank well in medical alert systems reviews.

LifeFone also understands that being flexible and offering you a variety of options is crucial. Reviewers gave low marks to some providers because they forced consumers into long-term contracts they couldn’t get out of. That’s unprofessional and doesn’t meet the needs of customers. There are many reasons you might want a shorter contract, such as when a expectant mother is put on bed rest, or if someone is recovering from surgery. We’re one of the few medical alert providers who are happy to write a contract for as short as three months. Whether you need four months of coverage or a lifetime of protection, you can find the right contract for your family at LifeFone.

What else do reviewers of medical alarms look for? Top quality equipment that is UL approved. LifeFone uses nothing but equipment approved by Underwriters Laboratories, so you know you’re getting quality every time. We also have battery back-ups for every alarm and monitoring system so you can be sure your loved one is safe even if the power goes out.

One of the special LifeFone features that consistently receives rave reviews is the flexibility of the system. It’s one of the few systems that can easily relocate with you or your loved one. Your service isn’t tied to one location, so you can move with uninterrupted protection. That’s peace of mind that makes LifeFone the best medical alert system available.

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