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Medical Alert Systems Benefit Seniors & Disabled Individuals

More than one third of the population over the age of 65 is likely to experience a fall. If your relatives live alone and you’re not able to stop by daily, your aging relative could lie hurt and alone until your next visit.

If, however, they have a medical alert device, they could take steps, at the mere push of a button, to access emergency medical care. Access to immediate medical care greatly enhances the chance for a complete recovery from a trip or fall accident or other health emergency.

Offering the senior or disabled adult in your life a medical alert device means he or she will always have access to prompt medical care if an emergency arises. Whether they have indicated it to you or not, the fear of falling is likely in the back of your aging relatives mind whenever he or she is home alone. This fear could cause them to restrict their daily activities and this can lead to increase risk of health issues. Remaining active is crucial to long-term health as we age.

Equipping your relative with a medical alert system can enhance their life and help them retain their independence and add to their quality of life if they’re no longer afraid to undertake daily activities. The medical alert device can even be (and should be) worn when they go out into the yard to enjoy a warm summer day or even do light yard work. Consider too that a medical alert device is waterproof which means your relative can wear it when he is showering, something you can’t do with a cell phone. Even if you have a cell phone for your aging loved one, there is a chance they could drop it, the battery will lose its charge, or in the event of an emergency, they may be too flustered to even remember what phone number to call. With a medical alert device, at the push of a button help can be summoned and this can help to diffuse stressful, painful situations.

With a medical alert device you can also rest assured that your relative will be protected because the medical alert systems come with battery backup devices. Medical alert devices add to peace of mind and can reduce fears of living alone, something that could be crucial if your relative is widowed. These systems are also affordable and reliable and can enhance your relative’s ability to age in place for many more years to come.

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