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LifeFone’s Reliable Service With Medical Alert System

If you have an elderly family member who lives alone, you might rightly be concerned about them more so than usual: you’re not right there in case anything happens to them, and anything could vary from a burglar breaking into their house, to them falling and not being able to get up, to them injuring themselves and they can’t get to the first aid kit for whatever reason.

Medical Alert Systems Provide Help For Medical And Security Situations

If you’re nervous about a family member’s safety, medical alert systems provide help for medical and security situations.

Imagine that a loved one of yours has fallen…how will they get up? Maybe they went out to get the mail or put out the trash. Maybe they were working in their garden, basement or their garage. How do they get help when they need it most and can’t reach the phone for help?

These situations are exactly why medical alert systems are important. Medical alert systems provide peace of mind for all concerned. Since 1976, LifeFone has provided caring service, security and peace of mind to seniors, their families and caregivers throughout the U.S. Our unique Emergency Care Plan allows subscribers and their family members to customize the response to fit their specific needs. LifeFone Care specialists will help design the right plan for your needs and as your situation changes so will your Emergency Care Plan. The Emergency Care Plan includes your Personalized Profile with medical history, medications, allergies, physicians, family members, neighbors and the preferred hospital choice.

When elderly people find themselves in an awkward or dangerous situation be it a medical incident, a fire or an intruder, having a help button to push when they can’t reach the phone is crucial.

But this is where LifeFone is different from other medical alarms…instead of having to reach a button somewhere within their house, a person just has to press a button on their medical alert bracelet.

The LifeFone medical alert system all starts with a waterproof pendant. When in need, a person wearing this pendant can just press the button on it, which will alert a small in-home base unit, which sends a signal to the LifeFone Emergency Response Center immediately.

Whether there is a dire emergency or all they really need is you or a neighbor called, the Emergency Response Center can dispatch calls accordingly.

LifeFone gives its customers immediate, compassionate help 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Our customer care team is there to help with any need you may have.

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