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How To Safety Store And Dispose Of Medications

It’s almost a fact of life – as we age, chances are we will be taking more and more medications. However, it’s important that individuals properly store and dispose of medicines.

Issues crop up as it relates to the proper storage and disposal of these medicines. Here are some tips for taking care of your medications properly.

  1. Make certain you aren’t keeping old medications in the house. If you no longer need a specific medication, dispose of it properly (info to follow). If medication has expired, do not take it as its effectiveness could be impacted by age. Even though the medicine cabinet is in the bathroom, it’s not always the best place to store medications because of the inherent humidity.
  2. If you have children in the house, make certain you always purchase medications in child-safe packaging and keep it up out of reach.
  3. If possible, store all of your medications in one location. This makes it easier to know what you’re taking and keep track of when you have to take it. Keep your medications in their original bottles – you don’t want to mix up a dosage because you can’t remember which pill is which.

How do you dispose of medications that are expired or that you no longer take?

  1. Do not flush unused medications as it’s believed it can cause water contamination and raises environmental concerns.
  2. Ask your pharmacist for recommendations.
  3. Check local newspapers or ask around to see if the community might be offering a “drug take back” program to dispose of medications.

When in doubt with your medication, err on the side of safety!

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