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Use Safety Apps In An Emergency Situation

Many families have “go bags” – those are bags that family members could grab and go with in the event of an emergency. Families who live in flood prone areas or areas of the country that are faced with other weather emergencies know the importance of being prepared in the event they have to leave or take shelter.
Consider this: if you have to evacuate your home, you won’t have time to pack food or clothes or even medications or items your pets may need. It’s best to have a bag that is easy to grab that is packed with your essentials. Remember to check this bag periodically and replace any medications or food that has expired.

If you and your family are not in the same location when an emergency arises, do you have a plan in place that will help you to reconnect and let you know that everyone is safe and sound? If not, you can use apps to stay in touch with your loved ones in the event of an emergency situation. Your mobile device is more than a convenience when it comes to reaching your family.

When might you and your family be in need of an app to communicate with each other? Here are a few scenarios:

  • In-school situations where school administrators need to quickly communicate with one another. For example, in a bullying situation, a mobile app can provide the administrators and teachers with up to the minute reporting mechanisms.
  • Mobile apps can detail how to use emergency medical equipment such as an EpiPen. You can also set your phone up with a 9-1-1 app which will let you get in touch with law enforcement or medical personnel at the touch of a button – sometimes without unlocking the phone.
  • Weather apps will give real time updates on evacuation procedures, road closures and more.

LifeFone Mobile Apps provide peace of mind to working parents and help them to stay in touch with their children and help assure they are home from school and safely in the house. A family can install the app on the parent’s and the children’s phones and at the touch of a button they can reach out. LifeFone’s Family Guard™ gives you all the benefits of LifeFone’s Mobile Alert™ - a personal panic button that you can assign to your cell phone or a family member plus the ability to monitor real-time locations for up to three family members

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