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Helping Seniors Age In Place With Home Conveniences

As we age in place, errands that were once simple can become more troublesome or hazardous based on our mobility. So what’s the clever present day senior to do?

If you want to stay in your home but perhaps there are some safety issues to deal with, here is a list of the most common household safety issues that can be easily overcome:

  1. Shower Power Chair ($66): Emphasizing on a backrest and customizable legs, you safely and securely take a shower while sitting.
  2. Non-slip Shower/bathtub Mat ($25): Shockingly, numerous falls happen in the shower. Help to keep those feet safely on the floor by putting down a shower mat.
  3. Medical Alert System ($25/month): Maybe the most essential product you can purchase for your security and safety is a medical alert system. Whether you’ve fallen, you require medical assistance, or just need your neighbor to come help you up, with the push of a button, you will have access to help that can assist you with any emergency you may have.
  4. Safety Bar ($29): Put a safety bar in the shower, around the toilet, in the kitchen and around any steps or obstacles you may need to get around. It is one more piece of the puzzle to keep you safe and accessible around your home.
  5. Extended Grabber ($29): This is an irreplaceable item that practically anybody, regardless of age could use. Whether you’ve dropped something or aren’t exactly tall enough, an extended grabber will help you get it by adding nearly three feet to your reach.

By continuing to think of new and innovative ways to stay safe around the home, a senior can live independently without trouble for years to come.

In the event you need additional products for yourself or someone whose care and safety is of concern, you might check out The Caregiver Partnership. This site is offers all kinds of products for medical and daily living needs.  Whether you’re in need of durable medical goods, nutritional aids or first aid, diabetic and other products, this site provides resources to help you find what you need.

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