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Forgetfulness – Is It Normal?

Of course it is. Forgetfulness is simply something that happens.  We forget were we put our keys, forget if we turned off the iron, the oven, the bathroom light.


Our memories actually have a ‘use it or lose it’ function. Memories that we don’t use can begin to fade way. Brain scientists believe this is a good thing, as it clears up the data storage system for newer things.

We forget things because we get distracted with something else.  Who hasn’t walked into a room to do or get something, and then get side-tracked by the phone, a spouse or a child?  We often remember later, oh – right – I went in the kitchen to defrost the chicken.

It seems that the thing we misplace more often is our cell-phones. How many times have you put it on the dresser, left it in the car, or even in the couch cushions? We set our phones down everywhere.   Our cell phones have become our life-lines.  Everyone we know is stored at the touch of a button, including Emergency Alerts.

But what if you have left your phone upstairs and you fall carrying your laundry to the basement?  Even if you know where your phone is, being able to reach for it, could be quite impossible.

In the event of an emergency of any sort, a subscription to a medical alert system can be invaluable. There’s no need to worry if you are wearing a medical alert bracelet or pendant as a simple push of the button will provide assistance! Having an alert system is a wise idea no matter your age, especially if you live alone.  There are systems that work only within your home, and those that work at home or away.

With LifeFone you can know you are only a push of a button away from reaching out for help in any situation as long as you wear your device! It’s even waterproof so you can wear it in the shower or bath. Consider a subscription if you have concerns about falling or a medical issue that may require assistance. It’s affordable and very easy to sign up!

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