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Don’t Miss Your Daily Medication

For years, seniors have been using pillboxes to help them remember to take their medication on a daily basis. As our loved ones age, their forgetful nature can many times create an issue when it comes to their medication schedule. As a caregiver, one of the most important things on our mind is their safety and ability to live as long as they can independently. Allowing your senior the ability to live independently starts with providing them with necessary tools they need to do so, safely.

Medication Pill BoxTo start, providing your independent senior with a medical alert device from LifeFone will not only keep them safe if an emergency does occur but it can also help them remember to take their medication. LifeFone provides 24/7 emergency monitoring in the case of a medical emergency but also can be used as a home security system to alert help is someone breaks in. It can also be used to schedule a medication reminder based on the specific system your loved one purchases. If medication reminders are important, please visit LifeFone’s Caregiver Tools to determine if you are purchasing the right system for your needs.

Another services called is a free medication schedule which provides reminders and now has a new health tracker. It allows your loved one to print a schedule that is easy to create, read and update and also allows free reminders via text or email. Even more, it can remind your aging senior to reorder their prescriptions before they run out.

For more information about these services visit or LifeFone’s Caregiver Tools to get more information on how a medical alert device can help save your senior valuable time if an emergency does occur. Not to mention, it can provide peace of mind to you and your loved ones by knowing that someone is reminding them of their medication schedule and monitoring their safety when it is needed most.

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