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Best Emergency Medical Alarms

As you start to age there is one way to keep yourself healthier and more active that is cheaper and easier than anything else. That is, staying physically active.

Staying physically active keeps your body in better condition and your mind too! As the saying goes, “use it, or lose it” this goes double true with your body as you start to get older. Staying active can be difficult for some though, or even risky to others. This is why with medical alert systems you can combine physical activity with a safe and reliable way to stay protected.

The best emergency medical alarms are like LifeFone’s service. They are a small lightweight pendant that you wear around your neck or on a bracelet and that have a small one-push help button. This pendant then sends a signal to a small in-home base unit, which then immediately transmits your information to our emergency personnel. From here, help is instantly sent to your aid as well as having your friends, family and designated doctors notified of the situation.

With LifeFone’s cheap service at less than a dollar a day ($24.95/month) we promise you won’t find a better way to stay protected or a better reason to stay in shape. Feel free and independent to do work or exercise around your yard or house, or even regularly swim if you have a pool (LifeFone’s help button pendants are 100% water proof)!

If medical alert systems can help you stay physically active, you are going to be years ahead of the game. You will be able to find ways to stay flexible and limber, keep your weight in check, and also keep your heart and cardiovascular system healthy. Exercising also does wonders for the mind. When you exercise, your body releases serotonin and endorphins, otherwise known as our “happy chemicals.” This means that taking physical activity out of your daily life won’t only hurt you physically, but mentally as well. Don’t lose touch with your livelihood, stay active!

The golden years don’t have to feel like the end of the road. Open up your life to new possibilities with the freedom and security that LifeFone can offer you. Call today or order directly from our website now!

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