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Aging In Place With A Medical Alert Device

As your parents age, you may take on the role of caregiver. If your parents are determined to age in place, but you’re concerned about their health when you’re not there with them, what can you do? Gifting them with a home medical alert device can provide peace of mind for both you and them. Chances are you’ve seen the commercials but you’ve never really thought about how these devices and the providers work.

LifeFone works through the use of a medical alert bracelet or a medical alert pendant. If your loved one suffers a trip or fall or other medical emergency, he only needs to press the button on the device and it immediately places a call to the LifeFone Emergency Response Center. A LifeFone team member will attempt a conversation through the open two-way line and if your loved one doesn’t answer, the team member immediately contacts 911 services while still remaining on the line with your loved one.

Once a signal is received at the Response Center, the LifeFone Care Agents review the subscribers personal emergency care instructions to follow the specific instructions you, or your family, have provided. Based on the contact information provided on the LifeFone Emergency Care Instructions, phone calls are placed to those designated on the Plan. In addition to contact information, the Emergency Care Instructions provides medical information, medical history, allergies and preferred doctor and hospital information. This is a boon because during a crisis situation, your loved one may not be coherent enough to remember her medications or allergies.

Caregivers facing the decision of moving mom or dad into their family home can still be protected with a medical alert system because the LifeFone service moves with the patient. In many cases, you may move your parents into your family home but you still have work obligations outside of the house; the medical alert device is ideal in this situation as you both have peace of mind knowing that if a medical emergency occurs while you’re at work, your parents will be cared for, and you will be alerted.

Medical alert devices are ideal for aging parents or any individual suffering from or dealing with a disability or other medical issue that may make it difficult for them to call for help if they need it.

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