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Will You Hear Me When I Push the Button?

One of the most common questions we hear from callers is “What happens if you can’t hear me when I push the button?”  This is a natural concern but one that LifeFone has considered carefully and is prepared to handle!

Medical alert systems have a range of 360 feet up to as much as 600 feet in any direction depending on the system you are using. Remember, this isn’t square feet – it’s linear feet. When you subscribe and get your unit delivered, our Care Agents conduct a “walk-around” with you over the phone. As you move about in your home and around your property, pushing the button will help you become familiar with how far you can roam and still hear and be heard. This provides a sense of calm as you realize just how far you can move about.

When the button is pushed, our Care Agents are alerted to your need for assistance. A voice comes over the base unit to make contact with you.  You may indicate that you need immediate medical attention in which case EMT’s are dispatched to your home.  In other instances, you may indicate that you feel a little out of sorts and want a family member to come over, or you may say that you fell but you’re alright and ask us to call a neighbor!  You are in control of how we handle the alert.  And we make calls to your doctor, family, neighbors and EMT’s for you – you don’t need to fumble for your phone, hoping you remember everyone’s numbers.

There may be times when you push the button to alert our Care Agents and you’re unable to respond or are indeed, too far away from the base unit to be heard. First, our care agents will try speaking to you through the 2-way speaker on the base unit. If they can’t hear you, or they don’t get a response, they will try reaching you on the home phone. These are the times when the emergency care plan is most valuable.

With the customized plan, you decide what action is to be taken in these cases. Some subscribers may automatically want EMT’s called while others may indicate that a family member or neighbor is to be called.  The important thing to remember is that if we can’t hear you, we will still take necessary action to ensure you receive care so you needn’t worry!

Emergency medical alert pendants are meant to be worn 24/7 for use in and around your home. The medical alert buttons should be work at all times, even in the shower as our units are waterproof!  No matter where you are within range of the base unit, you can have peace of mind knowing that help can be on its way based on your instructions should the button be pushed.

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