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Top Travel Destinations For Seniors

Let’s face it. Summer is a time for vacations and adventures. The best part about travel is that you don’t have to demolish your budget to travel, either. When you’re looking for an affordable, convenient and fun vacation spot, whether for yourself or you and your extended family, here are a few ideas from which to choose.

  1. You will want to decide first whether you want to go camping, stay in a hotel, travel by Aloharecreational vehicle or take a cross country driving trip and stop at various sites along the way.
  2. In case you didn’t know, it the United States government does offer lifetime passes to recreational areas to senior citizens, those aged 62 and older. This means you can get into state and federal parks for free. The government also offers discounts on camping and boating and tours and camp sites in federal national parks.
  3. Elderhostel, now known as Exploritas, provides educational tours in all 50 states for seniors. These trips include a vacation, field trips and education. Some of the options include: A riverboat cruise in South Carolina, five night experience in New York City, and others.
  4. A cruise could be a relaxing option that might fit into your budget. Some cruise lines offer discounted rates to senior citizens.

Areas of the country that appeal to young and old include:

  • Orlando, Florida. It is theme park capital of the world and has warm weather. Many of the parks, museums and gardens offer perks to seniors. January through April are the ideal times to visit Orlando – before the heat and humidity of summer are in full swing. It is also the time when you will see the best in hotel fares.
  • Hawaii may seem too exotic a destination, but Oahu is considered affordable by many and is a place of historic significance. It is a place known for being laid back and having temperate weather almost year-round.
  • Niagara Falls, New York or Canada. This trip brings with it breathtaking views of the Falls and you can also tour them up close and personal in a guided tour boat trip. There are trollies, scooters and other forms of sightseeing transportation you can take advantage of. You will need a passport if you want to go to the Canadian side. The New York side is less commercialized compared to the Canadian side.
  • Branson, Missouri is a popular spot for active boomers. There is golf, shopping, shows, museums, theme parks and live music.
  • Alaska is ideal to visit by cruise ship. The state provides breathtaking scenery and friendly locals. Hunting and fishing excursions are also available.
  • Green Valley, Arizona was built as a retirement village and has lovely landscape, golf and Native American crafts.
  • Las Vegas. It’s been said that everyone should visit Las Vegas at least once! If you haven’t been there, and want to, you should visit between January and April when the sun is not quite so hot. Visit some of the famous casinos on the Strip and enjoy the shopping and shows.

Go on an adventure and enjoy yourself. And while exploring, you might want to consider our Safe Watch Active®. Check it out – it might just literally be a life-saver!

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