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The Benefits Of Online Medical Records

In today’s electronic era, there isn’t anything we can’t find online… including our medical records. Chances are, the last time you saw your physician, he or she handed you a piece of paper with instructions for accessing your online medical records. There are great reasons to log into your online account and to check to make certain all of the information is correct.

Depending on your age and comfort level with technology you may have jumped online and checked everything out or you may simply have filed that paperwork away with your medical records and forgotten about it. A study by the University of Michigan showed that fewer than 10 percent of all individuals aged 65 and older log into their medical record accounts.

As more doctor’s offices and hospital offices move to electronic medical record keeping it is wise for everyone to at least log in and make certain the information is accurate. Also, if you’re a “snowbird,” having immediate access to your medical records when you’re not in your home state could save your life!

What can you find in your online medical records?

  • Lab results
  • Immunization records
  • Information on prescriptions and their correct usage
  • Healthcare reminders and alerts
  • In-depth information on past medical history and treatment

The reason for the switch to the online records, is because so many patients want to advocate for themselves and additionally, they want to have a way to look back and see what the doctor prescribed for XYZ ailment the last time. Physicians and hospital staff see there is a great “digital divide” as it relates to health care and technical literacy and it’s feared that the chasm will grow even wider among those who simply aren’t delving into their records and becoming their own advocate.

Another area in which seniors need to pay attention to is the healthcare profiles they’ve established on their LifeFone account. When you subscribe to LifeFone’s medical alert system, you are asked to complete a profile that contains contact information, medications, family names and numbers and more.  This profile provides vital information to the Care Agents who assist in the event of an emergency. You can complete your profile at –  a valuable part of your care plan that should be kept up-to-date.

Sharing your online healthcare information and user name & password combinations with select family members is a great idea in the event of a healthcare emergency so your family can simply log in and answer the physicians’ questions without causing delays.

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