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The Benefits Of Green Tea

It might be a rare occasion when you sit down and enjoy a cup of tea, but the benefits of green tea – and frankly any other tea – might make you just decide to brew up a cup. Did you know that green tea can help you relax and de-stress? It’s not that tea is the cure-all for everything, but when you’re overwhelmed tea could benefit your heart and lower your blood pressure.

The reason green tea is believed to be healthier for you than black tea is that green tea has been processed less than black tea has. Black tea is fermented during its processing, green tea is not and that means green tea retains its antioxidants.

What are some other benefits of enjoying a cup of green tea? Here are a few:Green Tea

  1. Tea can be beneficial in lowering cholesterol. Green tea, because of its polyphenols, might block cholesterol build up in the intestines and your arteries.
  2. Drinking green tea may lower your risk of stroke by more than ten percent if you drink two to three cups a day.
  3. Green tea may increase your energy levels and that might push you to get more daily activity and that benefits all aspects of your health.
  4. A cup of green tea can regulate your glucose levels and slow the increase of blood sugar after a meal.
  5. It might help to lower your blood pressure by helping your blood vessels remain open and “relaxed.”
  6. The onset of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s may be delayed by ingesting green tea.
  7. The catechin found in gree tea can destroy bacteria that might lead to cavities.
  8. Did you also know that green tea can help with the signs of aging? Because of green tea’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it can help reduce the signs of aging when applied topically.

The research doesn’t completely agree on how much tea you need to drink daily to reap its benefits. Research does show that you definitely need more than one cup, but whether you need two or five hasn’t been determined. You should be aware, that most green teas contain caffeine so it could keep you up at night.

If you’re wondering whether green tea would benefit you or your aging loved ones, talk with your doctor and gauge his thoughts on the benefits of green tea.

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