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Sleep Problems Highlight Aging In Place Importance

The problem with not aging at home is that when issues like inability to fall asleep occur, a new environment such as a nursing home could create confusion and an unsafe environment. It’s not the sleeping part itself that is the problem but the after effects that are caused by lack of sleep and inability to gain proper rest. In the event that your loved one takes 30+ minutes to nod off, gets up over and over every night, has problems falling back to sleep, or gets up feeling tired and unable to work well the following day, they may be experiencing the effects of a sleeping disorder. One reason this may be occurring could be a direct result from things like acid reflux, a neurologic condition, prescriptions or even over-the-counter medications.

The most well-known reason aging seniors wake in the middle of the night is to use the bathroom facilities. This could create a safety problem as falling becomes a worry during those drowsy midnight walks to the bathroom. That being the case, moving your loved one to a skilled facility or nursing home creates a new environment that your senior may not be familiar with.  This can often leave your loved one confused and scared.

If your aging senior is experiencing any type of sleeping issues be sure to consult your physician immediately. Remember to keep a clear path from the bed to the bathroom for late night runs and think about putting safety handle in and around the paths most taken during nighttime insomnia.  As always, wear your LifeFone medical alert device at all times in case an emergency in the middle of the night does occur or you’re having sleep problems. With one press of the medical alarm button, emergency help can be summoned when you need it the most!

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