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Saving Seniors Money

The prices we pay for the essentials like gas, groceries, medical costs and more continue to increase year after year.  Many seniors are finding that money can be tight as they age so it is important to remind our loved ones of ways to stretch the almighty dollar.

Here are a few tips for our all of us on how to save money:

  1. Remember to adjust things when you leave the home or a specific room. Pennies can add up day after day if you remember to turn off lights every time you leave a room or to turn the TV off when you leave the house for the day.  It’s also a good idea to set the thermostat at a lower temperature during the day or when you leave your home to help save on overall electrical or gas costs.
  2. Buy generic products in your grocery or convenience store. Generic products such as toiletries and medication can be extremely expensive and buying the generic version, which in many cases is very comparable, can save quite a lot of money. Using coupons & studying store flyers before shopping is another great way to save money. Remember those tips next time you go shopping for household items.
  3. Consider paying for your medical alert device for longer periods of time.  Without a long-term contract to deal with, paying in larger chunks can help save on your yearly budget and put a little extra cash in your pocket. Medical alert devices are extremely important so ordering from LifeFone and paying by the year will really help.
  4. Senior discounts are everywhere but in many cases we forget to ask for them. As simple question regarding AARP or senior discounts may score you a great deal of savings. Remember that as our loved ones age they deserve a discount on everyday products and services so asking is a great way to identify where to save the most money when shopping around for specific things.

Remember that our loved ones may be on a set budget so helping them find the best ways to save money will help increase their quality of life as well as the caregivers and families around them. Purchasing a medical alert device is an important expense as it creates peace of mind for those who are caring for their elderly loved one. Be sure to do your research when spending money and of course, the Internet is a great place to start when trying to find deals and discounts on products and services for your aging loved one.

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