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Safety For When Dad Is Alone

As our parents get older, it is important to give them the tools that they need in order to live independently. Oftentimes it is difficult to view once spry, energetic parents as getting older yet it is important that the children of aging parents are realistic about what will be required in order for parents to age in place.

This can be further complicated if loved ones don’t recognize a decline in their ability to care for themselves.

Whether it be a birthday, Father’s Day or simply because of a concern, LifeFone can be an excellent purchase. Where in the past, you’d consider giving dad tickets to his favorite sport, a new grill or barbecuing tools, or shirts and hats, a LifeFone Medical Alert System becomes a valuable and realistic gift as he ages. If independence has always been important to him, a medical alert helps lengthen the time he may be able to remain comfortably and safely in his home.

LifeFone’s Medical Alert System ensures that families have greater peace of mind knowing that dad can simply push a button to have access to trained Care Agents who can assist in any emergency. The medical alert device is extremely easy to use and allows elderly loved ones to receive the attention that they need, right as they need it. LifeFone’s medical alert gives dad an accessible option for getting in touch with emergency services and offers family members peace of mind knowing he isn’t completely without resources and alone in the event of an emergency. Often, children of elderly parents worry about the health & safety of their loved one. LifeFone helps reduce that worry because help is just the push of a button away and costs less than a dollar per day!

LifeFone provides this service with no contracts! Loved ones simply choose the payment plan that fits their needs and when it is no longer needed, a full refund is provided for any prepaid balance.

So consider a gift for dad that will help him remain independent in his home and provide peace of mind for all.

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