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November Is National Running Safety Month

Are you a runner? Do you find your running time has been impacted by the recent changes to the clock and Daylight Savings Time? If you answered yes, you know that getting out for a run while the sun is still shining is a tricky proposition simply because it gets dark so early. If you can wake up early enough, getting a run in before work might address that issue because you will be able to run in the daylight hours.

Here are a few tips from the personal medical alert providers at LifeFone for running safety throughout the year:

  • Wear bright, and white, colors.
  • Wear clothes and shoes with reflective tape so that you’re more easily seen.
  • Run facing traffic
  • Obey all traffic regulations and pay attention to the vehicles around you
  • Look for a belt that has a flashlight built in. Many runners use these and put the flashlight at their back so they are more visible from behind.
  • Don’t leave home without some identification
  • Stay on well-lighted paths
  • Carry a smart phone with you. Carrying your smart phone means you can take advantage of LifeFone’s Mobile Alert app and have immediate access to assistance in the event of an emergency.
  • Try to run with other people if possible
  • Let your friends and/or family know when you’re running, your route and when you’re expected home.

There is no reason to give up your workout and running routine simply because it’s getting darker earlier. You just need to be safer about it.

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