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Providing Whole House Protection

Consider these statistics: There are more than 350,000 house fires in the United States on an annual basis; 2,000 deaths occur from carbon monoxide poisoning; and an additional 10,000 are injured from carbon monoxide in the home. This is not something that anyone typically wants to dwell on, but if you’re a caregiver dealing with parents who want to age in place, keeping them safe in the home is likely top of mind.

When it comes to age-proofing a home, there are items that are crucial to complete such as making certain there are no trip and fall hazards and that the walkways are well-lit. Did you know though that you should be looking into safety devices such as smoke and CO protection? LifeFone has a complete home safety package that includes the medical alert system as well as a 24/7 monitored fire, smoke and CO protection. This is a boon to a harried caregiver because instead of having to worry and remember to check and change the batteries in the fire and CO detectors, using this whole home package relieves that worry and also assures that in the event of an emergency, a qualified LifeFone employee will be available to assist your loved ones in the event fire or medical help is required

Some of the benefits provided by the whole home package include:

  • 27/7 medical alert system protection
  • Monitored fire/smoke detector
  • Monitored CO/gas detector
  • A large wall mounted help button
  • There are no activation fees or equipment rental fees
  • There is a 30-day money back guarantee
  • No need to buy additional equipment for a spouse – free monitoring is included
  • The Care Agents are based in the United States
  • Free shipping on equipment
  • There is a one-year contract requirement for the whole home package

LifeFone provides 24/7 protection which means peace of mind for your relatives and the rest of the family. Access to a personal medical alert device means your aging parents, or even your spouse or child with a medical condition or disability, will be a press of a button away from medical assistance.

LifeFone’s CO detection system monitors the levels of the CO in the home and if dangerous levels are detected, the system will sound an alarm and notify the Care Agents who will then provide assistance. Also, because statistics show that more than one third of the house fire deaths that occur are because there are no smoke alarms in the house, the whole house protection package is complete with a smoke detection system. If fire or smoke is detected the alarm will sound and notify the monitoring center and again, Care Agents will respond and dispatch emergency personnel if needed.

Talking to your loved ones about equipping the home with a system that provides myriad levels of protection is an ideal way to assure they are able to age in place safely.

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