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Preparation Leads Toward A More Stress Free Life

A life with less stress can be achieved with careful planning. If you’re a senior or a person caring for a senior, you know that life can get busy and our minds are not as good as they used to be at remembering things!

LifeFone recommends a few things to help seniors stay organized and prepare  towards a more stress free life!:

  • Calendar/date Planner – From physical checkups to birthday gatherings to celebrations, there is a ton for busy seniors to forget about. In order to remember everything that is going on, an organizer is the key for remembering them on time.
  • Passport – For the traveling senior, having a valid passport means the difference between a vacation in Newfoundland or two weeks in New Jersey!
  • A Cell Phone You’ll Actually Use – Staying in touch is critical to seniors, yet it might be hard with the wrong telephone. From basic to advance, from flip-phone to 7” screens, be sure to find the phone that best suites your needs and capabilities.
  • An Enjoyable Exercise Regimen – Despise the treadmill? Take a stab at taking a picturesque walk. Do conventional activities cause you torment? Contemplate attempting a low-impact exercise like swimming or yoga. Working out doesn’t need to be boring and hopeless!
  • Rebate Cards – Seniors qualify for rebate cards and coupon codes that will spare them tons of money on anything from pharmaceuticals to sailing gear to exercise center enrollments. Take advantage of your age and save big!
  • Emergency Wallet Card – It’s a great idea to list any therapeutic conditions, medications/doses, and emergency contact info on a card in your wallet.  LifeFone offers an emergency response card to every subscriber. In the event of an emergency, you’ll have access to all your medical information for hospitals, EMT’s and doctors.
  • A Great Doctor – Not all specialists are adept at working with seniors. It’s imperative for a senior to trust the doctors they go to. Specialists are vital in the journey to a healthy life, even when nothing is wrong.
  • A Sense of Humor – Whether they’re reading a clever book or laughing with companions, seniors realize that having a great time can have enormous effect; life is to be reveled in and enjoyed!

Finally, remembering to have a great support system built around family and friends that you can count on help the senior stay organized and ready for anything!

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