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Planning for a Natural Calamity

Winter weather is nearly gone which makes way for spring storm season. In recent years, storms have cost billions of dollars in recovery costs and have taken many lives.  In preparation for the upcoming season, FEMA recently released a document on disaster planning for the elderly, and all of us in general.

Natural Calamity

In the article, they recommend the following:

There are three simple steps to disaster preparation: Make a kit, plan ahead and stay informed.

Your disaster emergency kit should include the supplies to last at least three days:

  • Water: at least one gallon per day per person for drinking and sanitation;
  • Food and utensils: foods that are ready to eat and not quickly perishable are ideal;
  • Blankets and extra clothing;
  • A first aid kit, including medical insurance and Medicaid cards;
  • A battery-powered  radio and/or a NOAA weather radio;
  • A flashlight with extra batteries;
  • Prescription medicines:  These should be rotated frequently and kept up to date;
  • Medical supplies: an extra pair of glasses, hearing-aid batteries and any other personally needed medical devices;
  • An emergency contact list: to reach family, friends and emergency numbers; and
  • Extra cash: access to banks and ATMs may be limited for a time.

Don’t wait until an emergency happens! Instead, plan ahead to reduce the stress should a disaster happen in your area!

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