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Personal Safety Tips For Shopping Excursions

Many people simply love to go shopping – it’s a great source of fun and joy for many individuals but it’s important to keep safety in mind.  Here are a few of our favorite tips to keep you safe while shopping your favorite stores.

  • Always stay alert to your surroundings. Don’t walk alone into dark or empty parking
  • Be mindful of and hang onto your purse and your belongings.
  • Don’t leave your purchases unattended.
  • Don’t carry a lot of cash. At this time of year it’s best to use a debit card rather than carrying cash. If a debit or credit card is lost or stolen it is easily replaced whereas stolen cash is simply gone.
  • Shop with friends and family because there is proven safety in numbers.
  • Be aware that there are people whose mission is to steal your purchases, your personal belongings and your credit cards and being in a crowded area makes you an easy target. Carry your purchases close to your body, keep your purse in front of you and zippered closed, and carry your wallet in a front pocket rather than a back pocket.

If you feel nervous going to your car alone, seek out mall security and ask for assistance.

Shopping can be fun and if you are a subscriber to LifeFone’s at home & on the go system, be sure to wear your pendant or bracelet!

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