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Nutritional Food Without The Cost

Many caregivers understand that their loved ones are on a fixed budget. They also understand that seniors often fail to cook for themselves or prepare less nutritious meals.

Healthy, nutritional food is important but can often times be expensive. Of course other things trump the food budget such as medication, doctor’s visits, utility bills, the mortgage and other but with a few tips from LifeFone, nutritional food can be a regular part of the diet without breaking the budget.

  • Remember to utilize coupons! One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to save money is to use coupons. Many grocery stores honor competitors coupons and often have double days where the coupon value is doubled allowing for even more savings. Also, don’t forget to pick up the in store brochures which often have valuable coupons that haven’t been sent out to the public.
  • Buy the generic version of your favorite products. Many times the generic version tastes exactly the same for a much lower price. Compare ingredients and choose a grocery store you know offers products you enjoy. In the end, you taste buds won’t know the difference but your wallet will!
  • Grow your own vegetables. For many this may be out of the question but it doesn’t take more than about 25 sq ft. to have a robust garden with tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, even fruits like strawberry’s and melons. Be sure to take your medical alert system from LifeFone out to the garden with you as it protects you up to 300 ft. in any direction.
  • Prepare proper portion sizes. Remember, that when going out to dinner, most restaurants serve much large portions than is truly recommended for health reasons. Ask for a to-go box with your order and cut your meal in half. This will save calories and provide another meal at home. Additionally, when cooking at home, remember that preparing the proper amount of food will save waste and time not to mention stretch the food budget; it will also help to maintain a proper weight.

Following these four recommendations will allow you to decrease your food budget while enjoying healthy, fresh food on the dinner plate each night.

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