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Mobility Issues Effecting Seniors

It’s no surprise to anyone that slips and falls are more likely to occur as we age and are more likely to cause injury in seniors. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that about 1 out of 3 individuals older than 65 years of age falls and 30% of those people experience a medical injury such as broken hips or head trauma. Subsequently, the recovery time and damage caused by the fall could create a lifetime of troublesome living while adding to the degree of danger as our loved ones age.

Reason Seniors Fall

Falls occur for a variety of reasons.  Many falls occur while in the tub or shower but often seniors’ trip over an obstacle they didn’t notice.  Similar information by UCLA’s Department on Health and Aging states that falls by and large happen from one of the following reasons:

  • Feeble legs and unsteady walking
  • Declining health
  • Poor vision
  • Memory issues
  • Certain prescriptions

Fall Prevention

The CDC states that exercise should be done daily to build leg strength. They continue by saying that certain medicine and over-the-counter medications may create an imbalance within the body and should be discussed with your physician if you ever feel dizzy or faint after taking a particular medication.

Finally, by making the home more secure for seniors by removing trip hazards, introducing extra handrails and enhancing lighting, the chances of a fall can be diminished.

By considering these tips, seniors may increase their chances of a long life free of falls and emergency accidents. By and by, on the off chance you have experienced a fall or are worried about falling, it’s vital to discuss your concerns with your physician and family members to examine other ways to keep you safer while at home.  A LifeFone medical alert system may also be a great option for peace of mind in the future.

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