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Medical Alerts Not Just For The Elderly

Are you or a loved one facing surgery that will require in-home rehabilitation? If you are, and your caregiver or family member will be working outside of the home, consider a home medical alert system.

While these personal medical alert devices are typically thought to be the realm of the elderly, they can be purchased and used by anyone, regardless of age, who is facing a medical condition, dealing with an ongoing health issue or who may be at risk of injury if left home alone.

Caregivers understand that family or patients with diabetes can benefit from a medical alert device because if their blood sugar goes into a “danger zone” it may be impossible for them to reach a telephone. With a personal medical alert device, at a push of a button, trained care agents are available to help them get medical assistance. Individuals dealing with high blood pressure or cardiac issues could also benefit and have peace of mind knowing that with a medical alert device, they aren’t alone even if they are home alone.

Parents of children with health concerns also use these devices. Consider if you had a teenager who’d broken his leg or had some other medical issue, while they may not need constant supervision, it is good to have access to one of these devices if you need to leave the house for short periods of time.

If you’re looking into a home medical alert device for short-term use such as during recovery from surgery or another illness or injury, a medical alert device may be the answer to allowing you to recover at home.

Caring for an elderly or aging relative may be easier if you gift them with a personal medical device for those times when you can’t be there. If your parents are insistent on aging in place but you’re noticing they are having short term memory loss or are prone to falls or are dealing with any of a number of other health issues, wearing a medical alert pendant may help them  age in place.

Dealing with a widowed parent can be worrisome. After losing a spouse, additional worries may creep in regarding their day to day care and safety. A medical alert device may provide them with the necessary lifeline to the “outside world” because you truly never know when the need for emergency medical care will arise.

In a crisis situation, you may not be able to count on being able to remember the phone number of a family member or you may not have access to your cell phone or the house phone. A personal medical alert device, which can be worn 24/7 (even in the shower or tub) alleviates the need to remember phone numbers or even the need to remain on the line with an operator to provide directions to medical personnel. Having the medical alert system means that the professionals will have access to the phone numbers of your family, physicians, and even which hospital you prefer. Your LifeFone care agents will also keep information in your records regarding any lock box combinations you have on your house, where you store an additional house key, your medical history, medications and more.

Whether it’s a long term need or a short-term health issue, a home medical alert device and the peace of mind it offers is more than worth the pennies a day it costs. Personal medical devices can move with the individual to whom it’s registered in the event they need to move from their family home into an assisted living facility. Take the time to research the benefits of these devices prior to the need arising.

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