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Medical Alert Systems & Cell Phones

Cell phones are ideal for keeping in touch with friends and family on a regular basis. However, in a crisis situation you may not find them so ideal.  If you’ve fallen or have an emergency of some sort, you may not have the cell phone close at hand.

There may be other instances where you or your loved one simply may not have the presence of mind to be able to remember family phone numbers. Another important distinction is that a medical alert device is lightweight, can be worn 24 hours a day (even in the shower or tub) and that means that no matter when or where a medical emergency happens in or around you home, help will never be more than a push of a button away.

Also consider how easily you can be found. With a home medical alert device, emergency personnel will check your home as well as the property around your home.  While cell phones do have GPS locators, they only pinpoint a general location. If you’re in a high-rise apartment or condo building, for example, emergency responders will have no way of knowing for certain which floor or wing of the building you’re in. This is especially crucial in the event you can’t speak. Statistics also show that many individuals, if they’re injured, are more likely to call a family member or friend rather than 9-1-1 and that can delay access to care. With a medical alert system, once the button is pushed, the care agents can immediately access your personal care instructions and direct emergency medical personnel to your location where they search your house as well as the area around it. A medical alert system operates on a battery back-up and this means you will have access to assistance should the power go out for up to as much as 60 hours.

A medical alert system is simply the safest and most secure way to insure you have access to medical assistance when needed. These systems are also very beneficial to those who work or live alone or babysitters.

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