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Medical Alert System Makes A Great Gift

Gift ideas for your aging parents may be hard to come by especially considering that they afford to purchase what they need and want, when they need it.

A medical alert system could be a lifesaving great gift…

When the holidays and birthdays roll around though, it might be the time to approach the issue of gifting your relatives with a home medical alert system. These devices can literally be lifesavers, but you may find resistance when you broach the subject.

Your parents may not want to think they are in need of a medical alert device because it may make them question their own physical capabilities. If they have any type of health issue or if they’ve suffered a fall or accident, having a medical alert device provides them peace of mind in the event assistance is needed. At the push of a button they can have access to emergency medical assistance.

Don’t be alarmed if they oppose you on the idea of a medical alert device. There are ways to show your heart is in the right place. Here are our suggestions on how to let your relatives know the reasons for giving them the gift of a medical alert system doesn’t mean you have no confidence in their ability to remain independent:

  • Don’t surprise them with it on the holiday or on their birthday. Let them know in advance that you’re considering making the investment in the device for them. If they’re expecting a book or a sweater and open the gift to find a medical alert device, it could cause a range of emotions that may be difficult to address.
  • Ask your siblings to pitch in on the gift. Show your parents that the family is concerned for their safety and that you all feel it’s a positive gift. Showing your shared concern may diffuse any angry feelings.
  • Wanting them to live independently is one of the greatest reasons for giving a gift of a home medical monitoring device. Aging in place is a desire of most of us and when you show them that wearing a medical alert pendant will allow them to do so, they may agree.
  • Tell your relatives that wearing the medical alert pendant will enhance your peace of mind. Shift the focus away from them and their health and put it toward your wanting to be certain they would be cared for in the event of a health emergency or trip or fall.

When your aging parents understand that the medical alert device is a gift that will allow them to remain independently at home, it will be a technology they will likely embrace.

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