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Medical Alert System Explained

No matter how old you are, it is important to have your independence, and be safe and secure the same time. However, for many seniors, their caregivers and families, this is simply not a possibility.

A medical alert system from LifeFone provides the advantage of security, safety and peace of mind.

For many, it is because being home alone is unsafe, because there is no one there to make sure everything is okay with your loved one. This is a thing of the past. With a medical alert system from LifeFone, everyone will be able to take advantage of security, safety and peace of mind, with 24/7/365 secure monitoring. This will give you the opportunity to stay in the comfort of your home, regardless of age, disability or other issues. This is true and effective protection, and you will always be able to speak with a highly trained specialist any time you need them.

This medical alert system does not require any contract, there is no equipment to buy and there are never any hidden charges. You will never have to pay an activation or a cancellation fee; you can discontinue the service at any time. If you decide to relocate, you can take your LifeFone medical alert system with you, without having to pay for moving or activation fees in your new home. Every plan is fully customized to meet your specific needs, so that you and your family members will be able to ensure that your physicians, family members, emergency medical staff, neighbors and more have the vital knowledge about your medication, allergies, medical history and more. Having been in business since 1976, every staff member is fully trained to provide critical information to every contact that you have designated in case of emergency, as well as every member of a responding emergency team.

This medical alert system not only protects you in the comfort of your home, but if you carry the LifeFone Emergency Response Card, you will be able to instantly access your personal profile through the emergency response network, so healthcare providers anywhere in the world will be able to respond to your specific needs. With no hidden costs, this is true security and peace of mind, and it costs less than one dollar a day. LifeFone allows you to maintain your confidence and independence, because you have expert assistance available to you anytime, day or night. With the fastest response times, most personalized plan and instant connections to every emergency care specialist in your area, you will be able to take advantage of the most positive outcome possible in any medical emergency, because the fastest help possible reduces risks of hospitalization and other complications. With options of a bracelet or a pendant, a simple press of the button will get you to help that you need, when you need it. Do not take chances and sacrifice your safety or your lifestyle, when this medical alert system can provide you the lifeline that you need in any emergency. With LifeFone, you can live alone without worry or fear, because help is only a push of a button away.

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