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Medical Alert Pendants Must Be Worn At All Times

If you’re a new user of a personal medical device you may have questions that range from: How close do I have to be to the medical alert unit for it to work? How far away can I be? Can I take the pendant off when I take a shower?

Care representatives at LifeFone field many questions in which the caller raises the concern about being too far away from the medical in-home unit if an emergency occurs and the dispatcher being unable to hear him or her. What would happen if you fall, for example, while in the bathroom and are unable to be heard through a closed door?

Once you push the button, the care representatives will speak to you through the unit that is in your home. If you are unable to speak or if they cannot hear you, a call will be made to your home telephone. If the representatives are still unable to get in contact with you, they will immediately follow the protocols set up by you or your family. For example, if you choose that the next step should be to call a family member or to call for emergency medical personnel to be dispatched to your home, LifeFone follows your wishes. Be aware that this all can take place in a matter of minutes. The medical personnel that are dispatched are provided with the information you completed when you started your medical alert service. Once a call is made to them, your family or other designee will be contacted. If the care representatives cannot hear you speak, they will assume you are in distress and spring into action to get help dispatched to your location.

The personal emergency pendants are also meant to be worn 24 hours a day and are waterproof so there is no need to be without that protection when you’re bathing. In fact, wearing the device while in the bathroom is advised because the bathroom and shower is the location in which most trip and fall accidents occur.

When you go outside to walk the dog or work in the garden in the backyard, the pendant should also be worn. You will want to conduct a test of the range of your medical alert unit to gain comfort with the exact range and coverage for your property. The Care Agents at LifeFone are happy to help you do just that because you want to know just how far you can go outside of the home before you are no longer protected.

With a personal alert device both you and your caregivers can rest easy knowing that if illness or a fall occurs, you will have access to medical care at the mere push of a button. Caregivers also find they have peace of mind when their aging loved ones have these devices in the home because they never have to truly worry about them being alone.

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