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Medical Alarms & Medical Alert Bracelets Save Lives

Managing medical information, and in particular, allergy and drug information, is one of the most important aspects allowing seniors to stay in their own home. Medical alert bracelets are essential in providing important medical information should an emergency arise.

Medical Alert Bracelets Provide Valuable Information

There are many reasons to monitor medications for seniors who take meds on a regular basis. For example, the caregiver or family members need specific details on what drugs might interact with one another, causing memory loss, dizziness, or other dangerous side effects. This is a prime example of when medical alarms and medical alert bracelets come in handy.

Additionally, the caregiver needs to be aware of any overdose potential of a single drug, should a senior have access to uncontrolled quantities. It is common to count out and “dose” daily pills in daily containers to avoid this problem and is usually effectively metered using a medical dispensing tool. Of course, the senior should also be monitored by medical alarms as well as a loved one to ensure they have taken appropriate daily requirements, without skipping days either.

Should an elderly person in your care skip, take multiple days, or take pills from different days, the caregiver needs to know details if this happens. This is also true if the senior becomes disoriented and requires emergency personnel to be called to the scene. Medical alarms and medical alert bracelets are an indispensible tool in contacting a unified information source from the bracelet itself, should vital details need to be provided.

Allergic reactions can be another critical factor the medical alert bracelets can defend against if a senior sustains a life-threatening situation. Sometimes seniors will accidentally mix medications from over-the-counter medicines in the caregivers’ absence.

It is also essential when using medical alarms and medical alert bracelets to have a list of all known medical products in the home the senior has access to. Even vitamins or herbal remedies can affect certain medications the patient takes on an ongoing basis. It is important to know the side effects of potential interactions with prescription medications, so checking with the senior’s physician or pharmacist is important.

In sum, ensuring all medicines, conditions, and allergies are registered with the medical alert bracelet the senior wears is of incalculable benefit in the event of an emergency. Should one occur, home medical alarms and medical alert bracelets can literally save lives often when seconds count.

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