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Medical Alarms Help More Than Seniors

More than seniors benefit from LifeFone Medical Alert systems. Disabled people can also be significantly protected when they have medical alert systems as part of their home and travel support network.

Medical Alert Systems Assist People With Disabilities

For example, in 2002 there were 2.7 million wheelchair users fifteen years or older. Remarkably, 121,000 were under 15. These young people are at risk when getting themselves in and out of chairs, in the bathroom, and in other areas of the home, and they can benefit from alarms. Having a LifeFone medical alert system is necessary should a person need help in a hurry.

According to Junior Blind of America, 1.3 million Americans are blind with a half a million being children. Some have guide dogs as a useful means to help facilitate their lives, as well as inform of danger in limited ways. Some of the blind population use canes. Yet, having a medical alarm system that allows the blind person, regardless of age, the benefit of knowing there is medical help a push button away, can be invaluable.

Cancer patients that live alone and are undergoing chemotherapy are often weak due to the treatment. Another category of people who get great benefit from personal alarms are individuals recovering from surgery or radiation treatments. A LifeFone medical alert system provides support should they need help due to a fall, dizziness, or other complications.

No matter the disease, disability, or accident, individuals besides seniors and also including them, gain from a medical alert care plan that helps during times of trouble. Knowing the health history, family members to contact, neighbors, or current treatment regimen that personal medical alerts provide, gives others critical information when seconds count.

These days medical alert systems help people with disabilities remain independent. They can fortify a handicapped person's well-being and peace of mind. Whether someone is wheel chair bound, vision impaired, recovering from a catastrophic accident or illness, a LifeFone medical alert can offer that peace of mind to young people as well as the senior population who has relied on it for decades.

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