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LifeFone’s 4th of July Safety

Just short of Christmas, there is nothing quite like the Fourth of July to stir emotions. Happy Emotions. We all have our own special thoughts with a special someone but honestly, just lying on the ground on a blanket, under the stars, holding hands, watching sky explosions … ah, it doesn’t get much better than that

4th of July

So it is hard to believe July 4 and fireworks is around the corner but as it approaches, there are important things to remember. Please consider the following:

  • Watch those kids. We love them to pieces but do not want them to explode in pieces. There is something about July 4th that feels reckless to us and we all did things back then that were not smart. Just keep an eye on the kids.
  • Check local laws. Every state, and in some cases communities, have laws regulating fireworks and it is really inadvisable to violate those.
  • Granddad can’t run as fast. “Back in the day” we lit fire crackers and ran away as fast as possible but let’s face it, we can’t run as fast anymore.

So let’s look at some practical facts:

  • Do not use fireworks around anything flammable including dry grass.
  • Always have a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher around.
  • Be prepared for a child who feels reckless.
  • Have extreme fun but remember that there is “fire” involved so be ready for the unexpected.

We are here to help, even on Independence Day, because both independence and safety for you and your loved one really matters. Our GPS enabled medical alert systems & our mobile apps will enable you to get emergency assistance to help save lives when seconds count!

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