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Keeping Burglars Out And Seniors Safe

Independent living may imply that you need to make decisions to guarantee your safety and security especially when you are not at home.

In a National Crime Victimization Survey led from 1994 to 2011, the U.S. Division of Justice reported that 3,394,700 family thefts occurred in 2011, a sharp decline of 56 percent from the 1994 figures. The review characterizes thievery as “the illicit passage of a habitation that happens when the individual entering has no lawful right to be there.” For instance, in the event that you leave your entryway open, and somebody enters without your consent, it is an unlawful act. Below are a few tips accumulated from the US Division of State for making your home secure and less attractive to burglars:

  • Bolt all doors and windows when not being used, particularly during the evening.
  • Don’t leave keys stowed away outside under a doormat or on top of the entryway. Give a key to a neighbor or a companion.
  • Get to know your neighbors, and watch out for one another.
  • Animals, especially dogs, are brilliant companions for those living alone because they typically alert their owner if any unusual sounds are heard.
  • Change your daily schedule if you can. For example, if you shop each Thursday at 1:00 p.m., you make a slight change every other week or so to make sure a pattern is not be followed too closely.
  • Motion sensor lights for nighttime are a great deterrent as they may scare off the invader and are a minimal investment in safety.

Of course, installing a home security system is the ultimate way to protect your home but also comes with expensive costs for installation and equipment. When aging at home, a more affordable device may be a medical alert system which can be used to deter intruders in the case of a break in by its high pitched alert while also protecting an aging senior from a medical emergency.

Remember, don’t delay in calling the police in the event that you see somebody suspicious or feel unsafe. You owe it to yourself to feel safe in your home, and you can’t put a cost on peace of mind and safety.

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