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January is National Bath Safety Month

A common area where seniors often end up having a fall is in the bathroom, and helping prevent those kinds of accidents is what January’s National Bath Safety Month is all about.

Older adults are at greater risk of injury because some medications they take can cause dizziness or hypotension and they have more limited mobility. Also, many of the surfaces in the bathroom (metal, cold tile, and porcelain) can be slippery when wet and have little cushion or give when a person falls.

These types of accidents, while common, are sometimes overlooked as a cause for concern. The good news is, however, that bathroom falls are easily prevented if you take the right precautions.

It really only takes a few simple things to make your bathroom a lot safer. To decrease the likelihood of you ever taking a fall while in your bathroom, follow these useful tips:
~ Install non-slip strips or mats in the bottom of your bathtub
~ Have reachable safety handles for climbing in and out of the tub or shower, and by the toilet as well
~ Keep a non-slip rug or mat on the floor at the entry/exit of the shower
~ Make sure your bathroom floor stays clean and free of spills
~ Make sure any glass shower doors are made of shatterproof glass.

At Lifefone, our pendants are waterproof and safe for the bath or shower. You can be at ease knowing that your loved one has access to emergency help at the push of a button. As more and more elderly adults are staying in their homes longer, adding safety features in the bathroom can give you the peace of mind that they are safer.

If you have an elderly family member, then you more than likely have children at home. Their safety is also important. The tub can be a concern for our children as well.  Having the Lifefone app on your cell phone can give you peace of mind when you are not home.  The app can alert you upon any emergency.  This app is also a great choice for your senior family member.

Safety precautions in and around the bathtub and shower can give you more peace of mind as you continue with your daily routines.  At Lifefone we have many different options to help provide access to emergency care when needed.

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