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Is It Time For A New Mattress?

It is important that both you and your spouse have a durable mattress that you can use on a daily basis for quality, uninterrupted sleep. However, many of us buy a mattress and never think to replace it until years later when our bodies show signs of pain and stiffness.

When is it time for a new Mattress?

There are some telltale signs that your mattress need to be replaced. Generally mattresses have a life span of about eight years. However, this is more of an arbitrary number as there are multiple factors that determine when a replacement is necessary, such as overall quality and construction. If the mattress shows visible signs of wear, such as lumps or if any of the interior is exposed, then more than likely it is time for a replacement. If you normally sleep on one side, then position your body in another area to see if that side feels higher or firmer than the other. Also try rolling around in your bed for signs of swaying or creaking. If you hear squeaking, then the interior box spring could be losing its support.

Why does a mattress need to be replaced?

If you wake up with a stiff neck or back, then the cause is likely time to go shopping. A mattress that is compressed or sagging can put your body in an unnatural position. The result is a sore body the next morning. An old mattress can also lead to more tossing and turning, which not only affects your sleep but can also keep your partner awake if you share the bed with another person.

What is the best kind of mattress?

So you know you need a new mattress. The question then is which type is best for you and your spouse. You will have to really do some research here because mattresses come in different styles. This includes basic firm, plush and memory foam mattresses. There are also those where you can adjust the firmness with a remote control. These are known as sleep number mattresses and are a great choice if you and your spouse have different sleep preferences.

Set your Budget

Mattresses are not cheap with the average king and queen sizes costing around $800. However, when it comes to getting a good night of sleep, quality matters. If this means paying a little more for one of high quality, then it is worth the investment. You can’t put a price on the value of a good night’s sleep.

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