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Health And Indoor Air Temperature Issues For Seniors

If you’re looking out the window and see the ground covered in snow and more coming down, you know that you won’t be opening your windows for fresh air any time soon.

There are many things, but here is a statistic that we found… chilling! The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends “indoor temperatures of at least 64 degrees F or 70 degrees for households with infants, the elderly or frail individuals.” As we age, we all appear to be more impacted by the weather – both hot and cold – but having indoor air temperatures that are too cool can negatively impact your health.

Caregivers need to pay attention to the air temperature of the homes that their aging relatives are living in. If your aging relatives are concerned with money and paying the heating bills, they may be turning the temperature to unhealthy levels.

What can a too cold house lead to? Several health issues, including:

  • Upper respiratory issues. A cold home and one that may have condensation issues could lead to mold growth and this is unhealthy for lungs and can lead to asthma, bronchitis and more. To minimize the impact of a cold home and condensation it makes sense to install “extractor” fans to draw out the humid air. If there are any moldy or damp areas in the basement, you should hire a basement waterproofing contractor to address it.
  • Living in a cold home can also make your aging relatives more prone to catching a cold or the flu. Add to that, if your relatives aren’t active they can more easily become chilled in a cool house.
  • Arthritis pain and joint issues are exacerbated in cold temperatures.
  • If a home is too cold, or too hot, it may be hard to sleep. Sleeping in a cooler room typically makes it easier to fall and stay asleep but if you’re shivering you won’t get a good night’s sleep.
  • Your blood pressure and heart rate can rise in cold temperatures. If your family members already have health issues with their heart or blood pressure, a cold home can make it worse.

Wanting to save money on heating bills in the depths of winter is a typical feeling, but if your parents are turning down the temperatures make certain that they are maintaining safe temps.  Also remind them to dress in layers and get up and move regularly.

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